Peter J. Capizzi, MD

Years Practicing: 17

Market: Charlotte, NC

RealSelf profile since: 2008

Patients from RealSelf are mine to lose


RealSelf replicates word of mouth on a massive platform, with a reach and results I can’t get just from my own website or any other kind of advertising


*Referral traffic based on Google Analytics reporting referral traffic driven by RealSelf to Dr. Capizzi’s website.

Patients see my expertise more tangibly on RealSelf, so they’re more bought-in than others just cruising my website


I didn’t become a surgeon to get into marketing.

That said, I get the importance of marketing. I am always busy with consultations and surgeries, so my marketing time has to be efficient. There are so many sites out there trying to sell me something. RealSelf is just different. It’s an active and smart community of patients interested in what I do. RealSelf lets me show them that I’m active, accomplished and engaged. It solidifies my reputation from the patient’s point of view — and, well, what else is there? Today, there’s not a patient who comes to your office who’s not done some research online. You cannot under cultivate that space.

But you’ve got to be smart about it. Our RealSelf advisor got us headed down the right path. Once the site became part of the fabric of our daily practice, we started seeing tremendous results. Patients are researching on RealSelf, moving fluidly to our website and booking appointments.

RealSelf referrals are more bought-in than patients just cruising my website. They’ve done their homework and are closer to making a decision, booking a consult and a surgery. RealSelf works and — once you have a process in place — it’s really easy to use.



clicks to my website from RealSelf


ratio of cost to revenue from advertising on RealSelf


Rapid response

We’ve honed in on a handful of key topics and procedures to demonstrate leadership and expertise


Before and after pictures are hugely important, but we add backstory and headlines about the patient so users can really relate


I know patients travel to see me so our newest RealSelf strategy is to broaden our reach in key areas in the Southeast

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